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The deep Crisis of the West

What is the truth about the situation in Sweden?

27.02.2017. The U.S. media debate has been misleading, but the biggest problem is that the Swedish political establishment doesn't want to know the answer. Thus writes Tino Sanandaji in his article in National Review.

Tino Sanandaji has a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago, and is currently a researcher at the Institute for Economic and Business History Research in Stockholm.

Police protection unit leaked information to Moroccan crime syndicate

22.02.2017. Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad broke the news late on 21 February, that confidential police information has been regularly leaked to a Moroccan-Dutch criminal organisation, from a police service, which is charged with the security of Geert Wilders and members of the Royal Household. An experienced police officer from a Moroccan background, working with the so-called Service Safety and Security (DBB), is suspected of having sent information derived from police investigations to members of a criminal organisation guilty of fencing and laundering criminal money. According to a number of high-ranking police officers, the officer in question was tasked with so-called 'area scans'. Hij reconnoitred locations that threatened people like Geert Wilders would visit. For his work, the officer had access to a database with highly confidential information. "For work of this nature, you need to be able to request almost all information that you think you need," according to an investigating officer. The officer suspected of corruption has been apprehended last Monday on suspicion of violating professional secrecy and is suspended from duties. Thus reports Gatestone Europe, and later continues:

An officer involved in the investigation states:

"The problem with these corruption investigations is that the apprehended policemen's loyalty to their Moroccan family members and friends outweighs their loyalty to the police department."

The police services have had to cope with unrest for some time now. In November 2016, a report found that the DBB suffered from distrust amongst officers, miscommunication and conflicts. The head of the service resigned as a result.

The officer is the second with a Moroccan background to be suspected of corruption within a year, which is called a severe blow to the policy of diversity in the police force.

Read the entire article at Gatestone Europe.

An ever more severe disaster

16.02.2017. Criminals trying to recruit students. Brawls between different ethnic groups. Drug dealing. Welcome to the prestigious Värnhem School in central Mälmo. Swedish newspaper Expressen paints a stark picture of the school confronted with so many trouble and problems, it had to install fences and hire security personnel. Still the situation got so out of hand the school had to close down for two days after large, running battles within the school, a week before its students were to serve at the Nobel Prize dinner. Thus writes Vincent van den Born of Gatestone Europe. He later continues (link and italics in original):

The fighting spreads, spilling out into the streets around the school. There, a student is beaten up so severely by multiple people, an ambulance has to take him to hospital. Three times the fighting flairs up again. At the end of the afternoon, the school's administration, after consultation with the police, decides to close the school completely. Almost two thousand students are sent home. The Board of Education takes it a step further. Värnhem will be closed on Monday as well and the teachers have to regain control in order to ensure the students safety. A decision is made to hire guards.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017. Two of the security guards on Värnhem press the alarm when a sixteen-year-old and an eighteen-year-old shove them, threaten further violence within the school. Police come to the scene. The students resist. The youngest even comes to blows with one of the policemen.

There are about thirty police reports of events occurring on, or just outside of the school from all of last year and up to a few weeks ago. Everything from the theft of e-readers to abuse. On 19 January, a security guard to a stun gun from the seventeen-year-old student who brought it with him to school. After all that, the teachers are now getting a text message on their phones as soon as a fight is observed, telling them to run to the front desk to find out where it is taking place.

Fences, security guards, the aura not of a school, but of a prison. Several of the teachers Expressen talked to seem to think that this is the future of schools in Sweden. Nearby elementary schools also want security guards and surrounding fences to create some kind of security. But it is a fleeting security. Can fences protect against students recreating IS-executions, or the sexual harassment of six-year-old girls inside?

When Expressen reporters are on the school grounds, the principal of Värnhem – whom they interviewed the day before – stops and asks them what they are doing. She doesn't like reporters hanging around. "It's not interesting," she said when Expressen first told her they wanted to do a story on the school. She fears the bad publicity.

The reason? In 2015, Värnhem received an award for taking in the highest number of newly arrived pupils in all of Malmö. The school's problems, to an important degree, stem from allowing too many immigrant pupils in, in too short a time and not having the money, or the forethought, of arranging for the extra problems these new pupils bring.

Read the entire article at Gatestone Europe.



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