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The deep Crisis of the West


Detrimental to health

30.06.2013. Diversity may be killing older African-Americans and Hispanics, according to a new peer-reviewed study published in the America Journal of Public Health, which shows that people suffer less cancer and heart disease when they live among their racial or ethnic peers. “Living in an ethnically dense neighborhood is beneficial when it comes to heart disease and cancer,” said Kimberly Alvarez, a co-author of the new study, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health. Alvarez’s phrase, “ethnically dense,” describes a community in which at least 50 percent of people are from the same ethnic group. Continue reading in The Daily Caller.

See also Living in an Ethnically Homogenous Neighborhood Boosts Health of U.S. Minority Seniors, at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health.


Oxford sex grooming gang jailed for life

28.06.2013. Members of an Oxford gang who groomed vulnerable young girls for sex, repeatedly raping them and threatening to kill them if they told anyone, have been jailed for life, according to The Telegraph.


How to spot a murderer's brain

13.06.2013. Do your genes, rather than upbringing, determine whether you will become a criminal? Adrian Raine believed so – and breaking that taboo put him on collision course with the world of science. Continue reading in The Guardian.


UN body reprimands germany over Sarrazin comments

13.06.2013. When former Berlin politician Thilo Sarrazin made critical remarks about Muslim immigrants four years ago, many found them offensive, though prosecutors rejected complaints, citing free speech laws. A UN committee disagrees, however, and has accused Germany of violating an anti-racism convention, writes Spiegel International.


The War against Human Nature II

09.06.2013. In my last Quadrant article (June 2012) I described the isolation of Australian social sciences from behavioural biology and suggested that this weakness had given free rein to utopian ideologies. Human nature is slow to change. It is a conservative force. As such it is an obstacle for ideologues who desire transformational social change. The last thing a utopian wants to discuss is how society reflects human instincts. Better to avoid the subject altogether to create a parallel universe where imagination, passion and interests might collude. In this article I extend this thesis to gender studies, with emphasis on women and work. Thus, Frank Salter introduces his article The War against Human Nature II: Gender Studies (available online as Part 1 and Part 2).


More democracy and more openness?

03.06.2013. A few days ago it became publicly known that Anders Ulstein lost his job because he wrote a critical op-ed about the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on July 22, 2011 in the hours following the attack in Oslo, and before it was established who was behind it. A couple of articles translated into English, as well as some general background, is now provided by Gates of Vienna.


No longer what it used to be

01.06.2013. Teacher Ellie Rubenstein resigignation from her position as teacher through a YouTube video is spreading quickly on the net. Have a look, and you will understand why.



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HonestThinking is dedicated and committed to the art of thinking honestly. Yet honest thinking is not the same as true thinking, for it is possible to think honestly, but be mistaken. For the same reason, honest thinking is not identical with objective thinking either. Honest thinking is striving to get things right. This involves being truthful about whatever one publishes, but just as importantly, it involves an uncompromising dedication never to suppress relevant data, even when data collides with dearly held prejudices. Such an approach may sometimes cause hurtful revisions in one’s belief system. That’s what HonestThinking is all about! Read the entire manifesto.

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The current European immigration and integration policy is profoundly disrespectful of both Muslims and Islam, because it is built on the tacit assumption that the Muslims will become like us. One claims to have respect for Islam and for Muslims, but one also expects Muslims to give up their orthodox faith when they come here. At the same time one is assuming that Islam will be reformed and modernized as soon as the Muslims become integrated and understand and appreciate how superior our Western culture is compared to their own. This is cultural shauvinism and arrogance indeed! The unspoken premise for this scenario is that Western socities are superior to Islam. Read more.




Human rights and democracy are under pressure. One threat comes from the Western world, in the form of lack of or dishonest thinking. There exists a peculiar Western "tolerance" which is so "tolerant" that it even tolerates totalitarian or anti-democratic ideologies. A tacit assumption underlying such an attitude is that all cultures, world views, and religions are really equally good. As a consequence of this assumption one is cut off from the possibility of critically examining the above mentioned ideologies. Read more.