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J. Philippe Rushton died of cancer in October

22.12.2012. John Philippe (“Phil”) Rushton, age 68, passed away on October 2, 2012 after a courageous battle with cancer, characteristically publishing papers even during his illness. Thus writes Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, Canada, in rememberance of Phil Rushton. The obituary continues (link in original):

Phil was born in Bournemouth, England but lived his early years and took his early education in several countries including Canada. Returning to England in the 1960s, he earned a B.Sc. in psychology from the University of London in 1970 and a Ph.D. (1973) from the London School of Economics. After a post-doctoral fellowship at Oxford, Phil returned to Canada, teaching at York University (1974-1976) and the University of Toronto until 1977, in which year he accepted an appointment in the Psychology Department at the University of Western Ontario where he remained until his death. He was promoted to full professor in 1985. Phil published more than 200 articles, six books, including a co-authored introductory psychology textbook and was a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation (1988).

Phil’s early work followed from his PhD dissertation on altruism in children, resulting in highly cited papers based on social learning theory, and a well-received book, “Altruism, socialization and society (1980)”. Phil had wide interests centered on the understanding of individual differences. In addition to his research on altruism, he worked on personality traits, such as those expressed by professors in the classroom and by community health volunteers, he published on scientific excellence and on mainline methodological issues, such as data aggregation.

However, Phil’s career to a large extent was defined by work that first hit the news in 1989, in a paper he gave to a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. By this time, Phil had started to consider biological explanations for altruistic behaviors, such as genetic similarity theory and arguments popularized by E.O. Wilson’s 1975 book on Sociobiology. In his AAAS talk and subsequently, Phil argued that racial groups systematically differed on a set of personality and intellectual characteristics and he claimed that these differences were genetically based. These ideas were immediately criticized and led to a firestorm of opposition both across Canada and worldwide. Phil persevered always in defending and elaborating on those controversial ideas, including in his 1995 book, “Race, Evolution, and Behavior”. He was to the end willing to engage his critics, often by looking for additional supportive evidence of his theory.

It is not the place in an obituary to debate the logic, methodology or data Phil presented. That is the place and domain of the scientific community. What did become clear in 1989 and beyond was that the discussion of race from a biological perspective in which some groups were ranked lower on intellectual and moral dimensions was repugnant to many and would not be constrained nor contained in scholarly journals or debates.

Phil's ideas posed a challenge to the basic tenets of academic freedom and led to debate at Western and beyond. Community groups, politicians (including the then-Premier of Ontario, David Peterson), and students who perceived the work as scientific racism voiced their opposition, often calling for his dismissal from the university. The Ontario Provincial Police conducted an investigation to see if there were grounds for charges (there were not), and 19 individuals initiated human rights violation cases with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (but after years of stress for Phil, these cases were considered abandoned when the complainants failed to respond). There were demonstrations that disrupted Phil’s classes, and vandalized parts of the psychology department. Distressingly, many interested parties, even faculty members themselves, seemed oblivious to the essential role that academic freedom plays in the life of scholarly work in general. As noted by the Canadian Association of University Teachers, academic freedom is the “right to teach, learn, study and publish free of orthodoxy or threat of reprisal and discrimination”, calling it “the life blood of the modern university”. Ultimately, in defiance of the barrage of criticism that Western was facing- and showcasing the university at its best- the President of the University of Western Ontario (George Pederson) came out with a strong statement in defense of the precedence of upholding the concept of academic freedom. Although these events led to his isolation and reclusiveness within the Western professoriate, Phil Rushton remained at Western, continued to submit his papers to peer-reviewed journals and allowed his ideas to face the crucible of the scientific community.

J. Philippe Rushton is survived by his children Stephen and Katherine, granddaughters Jasmine and Aundreia and great-granddaughter Paige. Also survived by his brother Peter. Those wishing to make a donation in memory of Phil are asked to consider the London Regional Cancer Program - Research.

A link to Dr. Rushton's research can be found here.

This obituary was published by Department of Psychology, University of Western Ontario.


Dumber by the day

IQ distributions have significant impacts in many areas of society. Illustration copied from Dispatch International.

01.12.2012. Differential fertility and the recent massive low-IQ migration from South to North explain why Europe and the US get dumber by the day. Yet, leading political and academic elites neither understand why, nor see the devastating consequences of this demographic transition. Thus writes Professor emeritus Helmuth Nyborg in his article Western countries get dumber by the day. Towards the end of his article he concludes:

The sad situation is not unique for Denmark. Actually it is worse in Sweden. Not only has Sweden had more immigrants from non-Western countries than Denmark, but leading politicians even encourage further immigration. The first signs of an imminent catastrophe are already there. In many Swedish counties the social expenses to support non-Western immigrants and their children in need have exploded. For example, in Wexsjö, foreign born consume 23.5 times more money from the state than ethnic Swedes, and this is probably only the beginning. In all large Swedish towns ethnic Swedes are estimated to become a minority by 2050. A large city like Malmö is already close.

The demographic situation is still worse in Great Britain. Right now only 20 percent of all children born in London are offspring of the dwindling group of ethnic Brits, whereas the remaining 80 percent are from fertile immigrants. Clearly, non-Westerners are taking over Britain at exponential speed, that is, by doubling their number per time interval. Few people understand the dire consequences of exponential growth, but they will soon see a hard demonstration before their own eyes.


Yet, the subject is taboo almost everywhere. A scientific analysis of the Swedish situation was sent to all large newspaper in the country but not one dared take up the subject. Absolute Swedish silence, you can say. The European peoples have never been asked by their leading political and academic elites if this is what they want and the international agreements block any attempt to change this state of affairs.

Another largely neglected aspect of immigration from non-Western countries into Northern Europe is the following: The low intelligence of African migrants (average IQs between 68 and 75) will not only drag drown, say, Danish IQ, but also constitutes an inexcusable brain drain from non-Western countries, where intelligent people are badly needed. An unknown number of migrants may have higher than average IQ for their country. This makes both the non-Western and the Western countries dumber, and everybody looses.

To sum up, not only Denmark but Europe and the US get dumber by internal dysgenic decay and by northbound mass-immigration. This will have catastrophic consequences for Western democracy and welfare, but non-Western countries will also suffer.

Unfortunately, most ruling (left- or right-oriented) Western leaders are not only seriously misguided by the illusion of equality but also blatantly ignorant of biological realities, so they can’t see the elephant in the room. They eventually will, but that will be beyond the point of no return. By then they have already irreparably damaged the basic premise for the existence of a democratic welfare state: An average national IQ above 90. One may wonder how they can be held responsible for this crime against democracy and humanity.

Read the entire article in Dispatch International.

This caused an uproar among certain truth-deniers within the Swedish elites. Writes Prof. Nyborg in his follow-up article Everybody is hurt when journalists confuse science with politics:

A few days ago, the journalist Niklas Orrenius published an article in the Swedish newspaper Expressen (November 25, 2012 – The scandal will pursue Sverigedemokraterne; Swedish link). The story was that “racism and extremism” flourish in party. According to Orrenius, this is seen most clearly in the SD's decision to send free copies of Dispatch International to all party members. Expressen's journalist is particularly aghast at Dispatch International's September 20 issue, which carried an article by me.

Orrenius reports that racism is reflected in five statements from the article: 1) Immigrants are “korkade”, i.e. stupid; 2) Massive low-IQ immigration makes Sweden’s national average IQ drop; 3) Democracy is rarely seen in countries with an average IQ lower than 90; 4) Massive low-IQ but high-fertility immigration to Europe and USA combined with the low fertility of the native populations will cause average intelligence to drop in both geographic areas; 5) In primordial times, cold winters eliminated the weak and less intelligent but the modern welfare state reverses this natural selection process and causes the gene pool to decay.

This, according to Expressen, is pure racism and extremism, and for that reason no other political party in Sweden would ever touch Dispatch International with a barge pole. To stress his point, Orrenius adds that “all established parties now despise the SD even more”.

This journalistic treatment is interesting because it targets a scientific report, published after anonymous specialist peer-review in a professional international journal, which was the basis of my article in Dispatch International. If the scientific observations in my article are correct, as I believe they are, the Swedish public should be made aware of them. That is not likely to happen as long as Expressen and all other leading Swedish newspapers only see racism and extremism in inconvenient scientific reports.

To test the validity of Niklas Orrenius' accusations of racism, we will take a look at whether he either: 1) misunderstands, 2) cannot count, 3) is scientifically illiterate, 4) is ignorant of recent demographics, or 5) simply doesn’t understand the consequences of evolution – or is perhaps guilty of all these errors combined.

Continue reading in Dispatch International. DI also followed up Nyborg's article with an editorial which in my opinion hits the nail on its head (and which I therefore take the liberty of quoting in its entirety):

”Western countries get dumber by the day” is the title of professor Helmuth Nyborg’s contribution to this edition of Dispatch International. Hardly an encouraging message from the internationally respected and in some circles stigmatized IQ researcher.

The fact that many European countries have experienced mass immigration from areas with an average IQ far below the norm in, e.g., Denmark cannot help but lowering the average IQ in the host countries. According to professor Nyborg, this is already happening and if the trend continues over the coming decades – as seems reasonable to expect – we are bound to reach a point where our population is no longer smart enough to have a democracy let alone a welfare state.

This is to be sure a novel and radically different perspective on immigration, which has been debated far and wide over the past decades.

For IQ researchers there is hardly anything new or sensational in Helmuth Nyborg’s findings or the conclusions he draws from them, but the discussion has been relegated to scientific journals that are never read by the ordinary citizen. The mainstream media have refused to touch the subject.

To Dispatch International there are two possibilities: Either professor Nyborg’s scientific findings are wrong or misleading, but in that case those who claim to know better should come forward and explain where he is mistaken. Or there is nothing wrong with Helmuth Nyborg’s research, and if that is the case, what would be the argument against giving the ordinary citizen access to it?

It may not be nice if reality is as described by Helmuth Nyborg, but reality doesn’t get any better by being concealed. No matter what, we shall have to live with the consequences.

One may also ask if it is particularly nice or charitable towards our descendants to allow a development that will most likely make life impossible for them – and surely deprive them of the chance to live in a democracy or a welfare state like the one we have today.

Have we the right to make this choice on behalf of our children and grandchildren?

The debate is open. Let it be conducted by means of rational argument.

These last quotes are taken from a DI editorial written by the Danish historian, journalist, and author Lars Hedegaard, founder and president of the International Free Press Society.

PS: DI has lately been the target of hacker attacks, which appear to involve Swedish MSM.

Helmuth Nyborg is prof. emer, AU (1968-2007) of developmental psychology, University of Aarhus, Denmark.



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