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Reduce trust in Amsterdam neighborhoods

28.03.2011 (updated 13.07.2012). Dutch researchers confirm Robert Putnam’s (2007) well-known findings on the negative influence of ethnic diversity on social cohesion. Reports euro-islam.info:

An article [...] claims that the greater the ethnic diversity in Amsterdam neighborhoods, the lower the sense of well being of its residents. The article claims that “a higher number of non-Western immigrants leads to a reduced sense of security and well-being among residents. A larger number of Western immigrants leads to an increased trust in the quality of life and future of the neighborhood”. [...]

The provided summary of the abstract reads, “This research investigates whether Robert Putnam’s (2007) well-known findings on the negative influence of ethnic diversity on social cohesion hold in Amsterdam. In the present study neighbourhood trust is the measure of social cohesion. Using data [...] shows that neighbourhood trust is lower in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods. Furthermore, the percentage of first generation non-Western immigrants and second generation non-Western immigrants is also negatively related to neighbourhood trust. [...]”

Read the entire article at euro-islam.info.


Producer suspended over race row

22.03.2011. The producer of ITV1's Midsomer Murders has been suspended after saying the drama "wouldn't work" if there was racial diversity in the show, reports BBC:

Brian True-May, who co-created the series, told the Radio Times the long-running drama was a "last bastion of Englishness" and should stay that way. Production company All3Media told the BBC Mr True-May had been suspended pending an internal investigation. ITV said it was "shocked and appalled" by the producer's comments. "We are in urgent discussions with All3Media...who have informed us that they have launched an immediate investigation into the matter," a spokesman added.

Continue reading at BBC.

HonestThinking comments: This is disgusting. The Midsomer Murders show has been aired since 1997, but all of a sudden it dawns on somebody that one has forgotten to demand of the producer that the mandatory racial diversity be added. And when the producer hesitates to allow his unique TV series to be changed into something very different by such a PC requirement, all of a sudden there are "urgent discussions", the holier-than-thou folks are "shocked and appalled", and the producer is suspended. What a disgrace! Something is seriously wrong in a society where people in power feel obliged to act like this.

A show about rural life in England just cannot be allowed to remain free from racial diversity. Even if many villages and rural communities in England are still all-white in real life, they apparently cannot be depicted as such in TV shows.

This reminds me of the twisted thinking that has come to dominate everything that has ever been produced by Hollywood for the last decades. No sitcom, no TV series, no drama, no action movie, no nothing can ever be produced in Hollywood without racial diversity being part of the recipe.

I'm not objecting to racial diversity per se; on the contrary I consider it perfectly legitimate that movies, TV series, etc include minority representative whenever that is natural.

I do however object to the idea that there is something wrong or immoral about having a movie or TV series made with white actors/actresses only in a white majority country. And when was, by the way, the last time you heard any of these ITV, BBC, or Hollywood hypocrites complain about the unacceptable attitudes behind Chinese, Japanese, or Indian movies, say, having only Chinese, Japanese, and Indian actors/actresses, respectively? Quite some time ago, I presume. And how often have you heard the same people accuse the film and TV industries in Muslim countries of using too few Christian, Hindu, or atheistic actors/actresses (not to mention characters) in their productions? Never or seldom, would be my guess; the reason being that the PC crowd feel no obligation at all to be consistent. Ultimately, this whole bag of baloney has less to do with justice or balance, and all the more to do with anti-white and anti-Western bias.

And I emphatically object to Hollywood and its brain-dead followers deliberately trying to force-feed audiences a patently false picture of minorities and their role in society. In Hollywood's world black people have an average IQ way above 100. In particular, black detectives, black police inspectors, black doctors, black business executives, and most other kinds of black heroes tend to have IQs around 200 (i.e., they are depicted as more or less super-human; often able to answer the most complex questions, and make the most difficult decisions, in a matter of seconds). We all know that things look different in the real world. This childish make-believe stuff is neither ingenious, moral, nor helpful; just patronizing, hypocritical, and dishonest.


A must-read book by Professor Byron M. Roth

12.03.2011. Professor Byron M. Roth has written a fantastic book; well-researched, science-based, and full of useful information and sharp observations (594 pages, 993 footnotes, a 35-page bibliography). I am not aware of any other book that so thoroughly documents the problems associated with the multicultural ideology that currently holds the Western world in a deadly embrace. Every now and then there appear books that deserve to become standard references and which should therefore be considered mandatory reading for anyone who wishes to understand a particular topic. This is such a book. To see why, please see my review (which links to other reviews and additional material about the book).



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HonestThinking is dedicated and committed to the art of thinking honestly. Yet honest thinking is not the same as true thinking, for it is possible to think honestly, but be mistaken. For the same reason, honest thinking is not identical with objective thinking either. Honest thinking is striving to get things right. This involves being truthful about whatever one publishes, but just as importantly, it involves an uncompromising dedication never to suppress relevant data, even when data collides with dearly held prejudices. Such an approach may sometimes cause hurtful revisions in one’s belief system. That’s what HonestThinking is all about! Read the entire manifesto.

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The current European immigration and integration policy is profoundly disrespectful of both Muslims and Islam, because it is built on the tacit assumption that the Muslims will become like us. One claims to have respect for Islam and for Muslims, but one also expects Muslims to give up their orthodox faith when they come here. At the same time one is assuming that Islam will be reformed and modernized as soon as the Muslims become integrated and understand and appreciate how superior our Western culture is compared to their own. This is cultural shauvinism and arrogance indeed! The unspoken premise for this scenario is that Western socities are superior to Islam. Read more.




Human rights and democracy are under pressure. One threat comes from the Western world, in the form of lack of or dishonest thinking. There exists a peculiar Western "tolerance" which is so "tolerant" that it even tolerates totalitarian or anti-democratic ideologies. A tacit assumption underlying such an attitude is that all cultures, world views, and religions are really equally good. As a consequence of this assumption one is cut off from the possibility of critically examining the above mentioned ideologies. Read more.