This letter to the editor was published by Aftenposten on 2002.04.28.




Immigration and Humanism


On 19th April 2002, in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, its well-known commentator Mr. Harald Stanghelle writes: ”For fear of creating racism, problems have been suppressed and opportunities over-emphasized”. I suggest that he is touching on one of the fundamental reasons behind the steam-boiler-effect now being encountered in the public debate on immigration. Over several years now we have witnessed well meaning politicians, media persons, and others systematically attempt to choke remonstrance to our immigration policies to come forth. This can hardly be considered wise, although I would think that most people have seen through this cover-up.


Towards the end, Mr. Stanghelle closes with the following appeal: “The last thing we need at this time is short term solutions. We need a long term, comprehensive policy based on humanistic principles”. Most people would be able to embrace that. But one of the things we should have learned by now is that suppression of debate and beautification of controversial issues will result in exactly that which Mr. Stanghelle wants to avoid: Short term solutions.   


Ole Jørgen Anfindsen, Ph.D., editor,